Maintenance above dropped ceiling

In hospitals all the piping and wiring are above the dropped ceilings. On this dropped ceiling is a lot of dust which may not come down and be spread. Therefore Curtain-Wall is used to easily create a cube or corridor.

Franchise organisation meeting

Belisol is a large franchise organization specialized in installing and replacing door- and window frames. They are currently operating in The Netherlands, Belgium and France.

On a cold winter day the Belisol branch in Dordrecht planned to change doors at a customer’s home, but suddenly the phone rang and the customer asked to do it some other day. The lady was at home with her 2 young children and didn’t want to have the cold air and snow in the house.
The consequence for Belisol should be that the 2 workers (who were ready to go with the doors on their truck) couldn’t do a thing that day, with all the loss as a result.
Instead they called to the Curtain-Wall office in The Netherlands explaining the situation. One of the sales representatives jumped in the car and drove there with a Pro Kit. One hour later the Belisol workers were replacing the doors on one side of the Curtain-Wall and the ladies’ children were playing with their toys on the other side. Everybody happy!

After this success story the sales rep and the Belisol director organized to have a Curtain-Wall demonstration at the next franchise meeting. During this meeting he presented an extra promotion of a Belisol advertising banner. Result: 80% percent gave immediate orders and the others after a later visit including demonstration to their workers!

Painting in parking garage

Curtain-Wall keeps out the dust and cold air. The painters can do their job under good conditions and the parking garage is opened during this maintenance job. Over 60 meters of Curtain-Wall was used here.

Unprofessional dust barrier in bank

The pictures tell the story..

Shabby dust barrier in perfume shop

The pictures tell the story..

Dust barriers in the traditional way

Dust barriers made of wood and polythene have a lot of disadvantages:

  • Time consuming
  • Need 2 workers
  • Damaged ceiling and walls
  • Inflexible
  • It looks shabby
  • Etc.


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Curtain-Wall Europe Brochure 2014

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Refitting a Hotel and keeping access open

One of the premier hotels in Amsterdam uses Curtain-Wall to carry out planned and unplanned maintenance with minimum disruption to guests and functions.

Refit in a major store with Curtain-Wall

Large areas can easily be isolated during major refits. The top floor of this kitchen showroom could stay open for the public, while the ground floor was renovated. Nearly 90 meters of Curtain-Wall was used for the balcony.